Divisional Secretary​

    Name Mr. R.M.P.Rathnayake 
   AG Qualification Bachelor Of Commerce (Special) University Of Colombo
Master Of Art (Economics) University Of Kelaniya
Master Of HRM (India -2010)
   Work History     
  1998-1999-Assistant Secretary -Ministry Of Public Administration
  1999-2001-Assistant Divisional Secretary -Divisional Secretariat-Bingiriya
  2001-2004-Assistant Divisional Secretary- Divisional Secretariat-Rajanganaya
  2004-2006-Assistant Divisional Secretary- Divisional Secretariat-Nuwragampalatha (East)      Anuradapura
  2006-2007-Divisional Secretary -Divisional Secretariat-Mahawilachchiya
  2007-2011- Divisional Secretary- Divisional Secretariat-Rambawa
  2011-2011- Divisional Secretary -Divisional Secretariat-Thirappane
  2011-2016- Divisional Secretary -Divisional Secretariat-Rideegama
  From 2017 to Date -Divisional Secretary -Divisional Secretariat-Mallawapitiya

Assistant Divisional Secretary  

  Name Mrs. H.W.G.S.yasarathne
 DSA Qualification

BSC-Agriculture Technology Management- University Of Peradeniya-2010

MBA-University Of Colombo-2017

CIM-Post Graduate Diploma-2011

   Work History  2012-2014- Assistant Divisional Secretary -Divisional Secretariat-Kobeigane
   2914 to Date Assistant Divisional Secretary -Divisional Secretariat-Mallawapitiya


   Name Mr.B.M.W.Balasooriya
   Acc Qualification B.B.Mgt.(Acountancy) Special Degree
Completed Final Examination Conducted by ICASL
Diploma in Pulic Finance And Management
   Work History     
  2005-2006-Ministry Of Social Welfair NWP as Programme Assitant
  2008-2012-Ministry Of Fishries NWP as Programme Assitant
  2012-2015-Ministry Of Road Development NWP as Develpoment Officer
  2015-2018-Divisional Secrtariat Rideegama As an Accountant
  2018 to Date  Divisional Secrtariat Mallawapitiya As an Accountant

Assistant Director (Planning)​

   Name Mrs. K.C.V.Perera
   Planning Qualification BSC(Genaral)-Biology- University Of Jayawardanapura
Master Of  Women & Development- Ewha University-South koria
Diploma Of Planning -Miloda Acadamy Colombo
   Work History     
  1999-2000-RDHS Office Anuradapura as Planning Programme Assistant
  2007-2013-PDHS Office Kurunegala as Planning Programme Assistant
  From 2013 to Date Divisional Secretariat Mallawapitiya an Assistant Director (Planing)

Administrative Officer (Grama Niladhari)

  Name Mrs.M.R.N.D.Kumari
 GS Qualification

Bachelor Of Arts (University Of Peradeniya)

Diploma in Professional Social Work(Full time-Two years Course)

Administrative Officer (Grama Niladhari) Exam -2017

   Work History 1998-2006-Divisional Secretariat Rideegama  as Grama Niladhari
    2006-2009-Divisional Secretariat Pannala as Grama Niladhari
    2009-2018-Divisional Secretariat Ibbagamuwa as Grama Niladhari
    2018 November to Date-Divisional Secretariat Mallawapitiya as Administrative Officer (Grama Niladhari)

Administrative Officer  

  Name Mrs.A.M.D.K.Herath
 AO Qualification Bachelor Of Arts (University Of Jayawardana)
   Work History 1996-2000  Ministry Of Power (Colombo)  as Clerk
  2000-2005  Divisional Secretariat Galgamuwa as PMA
  2006-2010  Divisional Secretariat Mawathagama as PMA
  2011-2012  Divisional Secretariat Mallawapitiya as PMA
  2012-2013  District Agrarian Office Kurunegala as AO
  2013-2018  Divisional Secretariat Mawathagama as AO
  From 2018 to Date  Divisional Secretariat Mallawapitiya as AO

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